Tidal & Current Modeling Development and Validation

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Tidal & Current Modeling Development and Validation 2018-07-25T18:50:40+00:00

High-Fidelity Modeling

We leverage Sandia’s high-fidelity modeling capabilities to validate tidal and current modeling tools and create open-source validation data sets for industry. By ensuring the accuracy of existing modeling tools, we enable industry to improve design and siting practices for river, tidal and ocean current turbines.

Model of Tidal Turbine

Field Measurement Campaign

In order to make marine hydrokinetic (MHK) devices competitive in the energy market, developers need measurements to validate numerical models, improve performance and reliability, and establish standards. Sandia provides testing and analysis expertise to aid field measurement campaigns and demonstration activities. We are currently working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to develop test plans and instrumentation packages for a field measurement campaign. Sandia will design, test, and install a fiber Bragg grating sensor to measure strain and dynamic load response on device components. The measurements from these sensors will be used to validate and improve several mid-fidelity models.