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What is SNL-Delft3D-CEC?

The SNL-Delft3D-CEC code incorporates a state-of-the-art current energy conversion (CEC) module within the structured grid version of the open-source Delft3D-FLOW software developed by Deltares.  In partnership with Deltares, Sandia modifications include a CEC Module that simulates energy conversion (momentum withdrawal) by marine hydrokinetic (MHK) turbine or turbine-like devices including commensurate changes in turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate.  The intent of the software is to facilitate detailed analyses needed to guide the layout design of CEC arrays in order to maximize array power production and minimize environmental effects. It is hoped that application of the tool will help address regulatory concerns about site-specific environmental responses to user-defined CEC array designs, thereby accelerating environmentally responsible deployment for power generation. SNL-Delft3D-CEC can also be coupled to SNL-SWAN to evaluate the effects of wave energy converters (WEC) on the marine environment.

The CEC Module was first implemented within the open source Environmental Fluids Dynamics Code (EFDC) and named SNL-EFDC. More information on the development and application of SNL-EFDC and SNL-Deflt3D-CEC can be found in the Publications tab below. The SNL- Deflt3D-CEC project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind and Water Power Technologies Office.

Simulation of flow past two turbines, one behind the other. Velocity Contours shown.

Looking to download SNL-Delft3D-CEC?

SNL-Delft3D-CEC is available for free download from GitHub.

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