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SNL-EFDC (Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code)

An example of a simulation created using SNL-EFDC.

An example of a simulation created using SNL-EFDC

Sandia’s Water Power Technology program develops tools for modeling the environmental effects of CEC devices. Our open-source tool, SNL-EFDC, is an expanded version of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC). SNL-EFDC includes:

  • A new module that simulates energy conversion (momentum withdrawal) by MHK turbine-like devices including commensurate changes in the turbulent kinetic energy and turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate,
  • New, advanced sediment dynamics routines,
  • Augmented water quality modules, and
  • The ability to design new array configurations.

We are currently transitioning our state-of-the art MHK modules from SNL-EFDC to the widely used open-source code, Delft-3D.

Contact: Jesse Roberts – jdrober@sandia.gov