Facilities & Instrumentation

Key Facilities

Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML)

The Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML) is one of seven laboratories that comprise Sandia’s Materials Science and Engineering Center.  The AML has expertise in the development of materials and coatings for marine renewable energy and provides consultation and solutions for industry needs.

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Geomechanics Laboratory

Sandia National Laboratories Geomechanics Laboratory is equipped with several MTL load frames for testing coupon- and subcomponent-scale materials.  Most recently, this facility was used to test bolted-joint MHK composite materials, under dry and saturated conditions.

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HPC Resources

The technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories have access to High Performance Computing (HPC) Production Clusters for solving, visualizing, and interpreting large, complex science and engineering problems.  Currently there are 4 such Linux clusters available, Sky Bridge, Chama, Uno and Ghost, with a total of over 75,000 processing cores.  The Water Power Technologies department utilizes these resources to perform mid- and high-fidelity modeling with parallel simulation software such as SNL-Delft3D, SNL-SWAN, OpenFOAM, and Star-CCM+.

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Measurements & Instrumentation

Measurements are critical for assessing the resource and hydrodynamic characteristics at an MHK site.  Sandia National Laboratories’ team has the capability and necessary sensors and instrumentation for conducting field- and laboratory-scale measurements, such as ADCPs, ADVs, echo sounders, and a survey boat.

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Robotic Vehicle Range (RVR)

The Water Power Technologies department leverages these capabilities in robotics to support wave energy converter (WEC) design and testing.

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The Sandia Wave Energy Power Take-off (SWEPT) Lab tests wave energy converter (WEC) power take-off (PTO) systems.

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