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The PV Value® tool is now being developed and maintained by Energy Sense Finance, LLC, with funding provided by the DOE SunShot Small Business Innovative Research program. The tool is still free, though improved with a design to support multiple web browsers and mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The spreadsheet version of PV Value® will no longer be hosted by Sandia National Laboratories, though we will continue to play a key role supporting research on PV market valuation topics. We thank you for your interest in the tool and to those who used the proof-of-concept version between December 2011 and August 2014. To measure usage of the tool and valuation related challenges being faced by industry, a formal survey was sent to all users of the tool in February 2014. We would like to thank those of you who participated in the survey and shared your experience using the tool. Review the Survey Results.

If interested, the user manual for the depreciated spreadsheet version can be downloaded to understand the assumptions and equations used in developing PV Value®. For any questions regarding the tool, please contact Energy Sense Finance via email at info@pvvalue.com.


The PV Value® proof-of-concept spreadsheet tool was developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Energy Sense Finance to help determine the value of a new or existing photovoltaic (PV) system installed on residential and commercial properties. It is designed to be used by real estate appraisers, mortgage underwriters, credit analysts, real property assessors, insurance claims adjusters and PV industry sales staff. For appraisers, the inputs specific to PV in the Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum can be used as inputs to PV Value®.

Valuing a PV system is done using an income capitalization approach, which considers the present value of projected future energy production along with estimated operating and maintenance costs that are anticipated to occur during the PV module power production warranty timeframe.


Publications and White Papers

Energy Sense Finance will also be hosting a webpage with relevant information on PV valuation topics, which can be accessed after logging into PV Value.

PV Value® is a trademarked name by Jamie Johnson with Energy Sense Finance.