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  • 2019, Ho, C. K., J. M. Christian, J. E. Yellowhair, K. M. Armijo, W. J. Kolb, S. Jeter, M. Golob, and C. Nguyen, “On-Sun Performance Evaluation of Alternative High-Temperature Falling Particle Receiver Designs,” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering 141, no. 1 (2019): 011009.
  • 2019, Albrecht, J., and C. K. Ho, “Design and operating considerations for a shell-and-plate, moving packed-bed, particle-to-sCO2 heat exchanger,” Solar Energy 178, (2019): 331-340.
  • 2019, Ambrosini, A., A. Boubault, C. K. Ho, L. Bahn, and J. R. Lewis, “Influence of Application Parameters on Stability of Pyromark® 2500 Receiver Coatings,” Energy Procedia (2019).
  • 2019, Miller, J. E., S. M. Babiniec, and A. Ambrosini, “Renewable hydrogen production via thermochemical/ electrochemical coupling,” J SOL ENERG T ASME (2019).
  • 2018, Albrecht, K. J., and C. K. Ho, “Heat Transfer Models of Moving Packed-Bed Particle-to-SCO2 Heat Exchangers.” ASME 2017 11th International Conference on Energy Sustainability (2018):V001T05A006,
  • 2018, Armijo, K. M., J. Yellowhair, J. D. Ortega, and J. Clair, “Dynamic Load Mechanical Modelling of a 10 MW Tensile Ganged Heliostat Prototype,”
  • 2018, Albrecht, J., G. S. Jackson, R. J. Braun, “Evaluating thermodynamic performance limits of thermochemical energy storage subsystems using reactive perovskite oxide particles for concentrating solar power,” Solar Energy 167, (2018): 179-193.
  • 2018, Brown, A., J. Engerer, A. Ricks, and J. Christian, “Ignition from High Heat Flux for Flat Versus Complex Geometry.” 9th International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2018.
  • 2017, Armijo, K. M., J. D. Ortega, A. Moya, J. Christian, G. Peacock, C. Andraka, J. Yellowhair, and J. Clair, “Mechanical and modal phenomena of a ganged heliostat.” ICOPE16, ASME Power & Energy Conference & Exhibition, Charlotte, NC.
  • 2017, Albrecht, J., and C. K. Ho, “High-Temperature Flow Testing and Heat Transfer for a Moving Packed-Bed Particle/sCO2 Heat Exchanger.” SolarPACES 2017, Santiago, Chile, 2017.
  • 2017, Boubault, A., J. Yellowhair, and C. K. Ho, “Design and Characterization of a 7.2 kW Solar Simulator,” Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 139, no. 3 (2017): 031012.
  • 2017, Hsu, L., M. Dupré, A. Ndao, J. Yellowhair, and B. Kanté, “Local phase method for designing and optimizing metasurface devices,” Optics Express 25, no. 21 (2017): 24974-24982.
  • 2017, Yue, L., L. Reich, T. Simon, R. Bader, and W. Lipiński. “Progress in thermal transport modeling of carbonate-based reacting systems.” International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 27, no. 5 (2017): 1098−1107,
  • 2017, Schieber, G. L., E. B. Stechel, A. Ambrosini, J. E. Miller, and P. G. Loutzenhiser, “H2O splitting via a two-step solar thermoelectrolytic cycle based on non-stoichiometric ceria redox reactions: Thermodynamic analysis,” Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42, no. 30 (2017): 18785-18793.
  • 2017, Boubault, A., C. K. Ho, A. Hall, T. N. Lambert, A. Ambrosini, “Durability of solar absorber coatings and their cost-effectiveness,” Energ. Mat. Sol. C 166, (2017): 176-184.
  • 2018, Armijo, K. M., R. K. Harrison, and J. E. Yellowhair. Modular Low-Cost Trackerless Spectral Sensor. Non-Provisional US Patent 15/834,964.
  • 2017, Spoerke, E .D., M. E. Gordon, E. Schindelholz, K. M. Armijo, N. R. Sorensen, A. Martino and J. Grunlan. Nanocomposite Barrier Films for Photovoltaic Applications. Non-Provisional US Patent Application 15603877.
  • 2015, Armijo, K. M., C. K. Ho, R. Anderson, S. Babinec, and M. Mazumder. Magnetic Field Falling Particle Solar Receiver Systems and Methods. Non-Provisional US Patent 62154922.

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