Radiation Effects Sciences

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At the core of Sandia National Laboratories nuclear weapons mission is the reliability and survivability of a variety of system components and materials in radiation environments. In support of that mission, Sandia has established unique capabilities for generating a wide range of radiation, from the pulsed, high energy X-rays of HERMES-III to the mixed neutron-gamma environment of the Annular Core Research Reactor (ACRR) and the extreme temperatures, pressures, and radiation of the Z-machine. The goal of these systems in terms of radiation effects sciences is to ensure and understand component and system performance in radiation environments. Proper characterization, utilization and prediction of each facility’s behavior are key to guaranteeing quality experiments are being performed. They are also imperative to ensuring quality results and understanding the results from every experiment.

Annular Core Research Reactor

Sandia’s Annular Core Research Reactor with the
Cherenkov radiation glow immediately following a pulse.

The Advanced Nuclear Concepts group plays a key support role to the Radiation Sciences Division in achieving these goals. With the advanced computation capabilities and deep understanding of the facilities, supporting roles for characterization, experimentation, uncertainty analyses, and final processing and understanding of the results are key areas of contribution.