Heat-Exchanger Development 2018-07-30T19:46:41+00:00

Planned Heat-Exchanger Test Loop

CapabilitiesHeat Exchanger 1

  • 500 kW heaters (elec.)
  • 500 kW gas cooler
  • Unbalanced flows
  • Dedicated system accepts novel mixtures and additives

Facility Goal

  • Provide testing capability for 1 MW-scale commercial and prototype heat exchangers used at any position in current and future Brayton layouts

Path Forward to Commercialization

What we are going to doHeat Exchanger 2

  • The bow-of-the-ship approach for upcoming technical issues:
    • Corrosion
    • Performance
    • Testing

This is how

  • Heat-exchanger test loop
  • Address technical issues
  • Low-cost testing
  • DOE cost share with industry for new heat exchanger concepts