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About the Brayton Lab at NESL

The Sandia NESL / Brayton Lab has been established to achieve the DOE-NE objective of a 10 MWe recompression closed Brayton cycle (RCBC) for a sodium fast reactor by 2020. We work related projects that advance the technology and advocate for collaborative efforts within government, industry, and communities. The Sandia NESL / Brayton Lab is well positioned to advance the TRL of the various CBC components and procedures.

The NESL / Brayton Lab offers:

  • Contracts development (CRADA, WFO)
  • Project development and test definition support
  • Test architecture design and development
  • Purchasing and subcontracting
  • Test execution support with experienced engineers and technologists
  • Data acquisition, analysis, and delivery


About the Brayton Cycle

Brayton-lab_Jim-Pasch-Darryn-Fleming_webSandia researches a thermal-to-electric power conversion technology in a configuration called the recompression closed Brayton cycle (RCBC) that uses supercritical carbon dioxide (s-CO2) as the working fluid, rather than steam, thereby dramatically increasing conversion efficiency compared to the steam Rankine cycle.

About Supercritical CO2

Brayton Lab Videos