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Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Sandia is the geotechnical adviser for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the world’s largest supply of emergency crude oil. As geotechnical advisor, Sandia is responsible for characterizing the site, including cavern and well development, geomechanical analysis, the integrity of caverns and wells, subsidence, and monitoring.

Sandia’s work falls into two areas: geotechnical, which involves updating geologic understanding of the salt domes, modeling the caverns’ geomechanical behavior and assuring the integrity of caverns and wells drilled into them; and engineering, which includes understanding fluid behavior, analyzing the leaching process that occurs during oil removal, and assuring the reserve meets environmental, safety, and oil quality requirements. Studying well integrity is one of Sandia’s most important responsibilities.

Sandia’s many subsurface capabilities enable Sandia to help preserve and maintain the United States’ emergency petroleum supply.

Sandia has been involved in the oil and gas and underground storage field since the early 1980s. A series of efforts and expertise in product containment and leak prevention has placed Sandia as a valuable partner of industry, the US Department of Energy, and regulators.