Megan Diaz, Ph.D.


Megan Diaz

Postdoctoral Researcher

Contact Information

Megan Diaz / (505) 879-6872


Megan Diaz recently joined Sandia National Labs as a postdoctoral appointee in 2022 in the Energy Storage Technology and Systems Group, focusing on solid state battery (SSB) safety. She earned her MS and PhD at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and her BS at the University of Minnesota, in Materials Science Engineering. In her doctoral degree, she investigated lithium dendrite growth through solid electrolytes utilizing transmission electron microscopy and first principles atomistic simulation. As a master’s student, she used a 3D printer for precision plating of biological cells onto sensor chips for the Lab on a Chip project. Prior to attending UCF, she worked at 3M in the Corporate Research Analytical Lab in defect analysis using atomic force microscopy, and in their Corporate Research Processing Lab running small-scale roll-to-roll thin film printing experiments. She has coauthored a handful of papers and has one patent from her time as a master’s student at UCF.


Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering, University of Central Florida (Orlando), 2022

M.S. in Materials Science Engineering, University of Central Florida (Orlando), 2017

B.S. in Materials Science Engineering, University of Minnesota (Twin Cities), 2013