Robert “Bobby” Jeffers Ph.D.


Robert “Bobby” Jeffers Ph.D

Principal Member of Technical Staff

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Robert Jeffers / 505-845-8051


Dr. Robert “Bobby” Jeffers has helped to build a growing body of energy resilience research at Sandia since 2013. Bobby applies techniques such as system dynamics, power systems modeling, interactive visualization, agent-based modeling, and spatial network modeling to diverse problems concerning the intersection between human, natural, and engineered systems – particularly energy systems. He currently works directly with the Grid Modernization, Renewable Energy Technologies and the Complex Systems for National Security groups, interacting with multiple customers within DOE-OE, DOE-EERE, and DoD energy offices. He has also strategically crafted several successful proposals in the energy resilience space. Bobby’s passion for improving real-world sustainability and resilience has been demonstrated by his ability to form large teams working collaboratively with external partners and stakeholders such as city governments, electric utilities, non-profit organizations, and national laboratories. Bobby began his career as a research scientist at Idaho National Laboratory, where he served as Principal Investigator on three diverse projects simulating the energy-water nexus, critical material supply chain economics, and novel concepts for integration of renewable energy on the power grid.


    Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Washington State University.
    Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and Power Systems, Virginia Tech

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