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Sandia’s SCADA testbed complex provides a unique capability for finding solutions to today’s SCADA security problems and developing next generation infrastructure control systems. These capabilities have been recognized by DOE and as such, Sandia has been asked to co-lead the National SCADA Testbed.

The Center for SCADA Security Assets

Network Visualization Tools Sandia established its SCADA Security Development Laboratory in 1998. Its purpose was to analyze vulnerabilities in common SCADA systems and components and to support research for a “high surety SCADA system.” Since that time, the lab has been integrated with several unique capabilities at Sandia.

The Center for SCADA Security is composed of several testbed facilities which allow realworld critical infrastructure problems to be modeled, designed, simulated, verified, and validated. All of these labs are networked with modeling and computational capabilities at Sandia to provide a unique complex for finding solutions to today’s SCADA security problems and develop next generation SCADA systems. These facilities include:

  • Distributed Energy Technology Laboratory (DETL) — provides a platform to test the control of operational generation and load systems.
  • Network Laboratory— provides network visualization and wired and wireless network modeling with opnet
  •  Cryptographic Research Facility — supports research and development of encryption for applications in SCADA networks.
  •  Red Team Facility — provides a suite of tools to attack and analyze SCADA vulnerabilities
  •  Advanced Information Systems Lab — used to research intelligent technologies for development of the infrastructures of the future.

National SCADA Testbed

National SCADA Testbed LogoThrough early investment and vision, Sandia established a SCADA program and an associated SCADA Testbed. This program has grown into a joint laboratory effort with Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL) sponsored by the DOE Office of Energy Assurance to form the National SCADA Test Bed (NSTB).

National SCADA TestbedIn addition to the multi-disciplinary research and development efforts at Sandia that range from autonomous agent systems applied to SCADA, to cryptographic security, system assessment, and red team activities, Sandia is able to complement its communication and control capabilities with actual generation and load facilities for distributed energy resources. From the earliest days of the Sandia SCADA Program, standards have been supported as a critical means of working with industry to support the national interest and secure our critical energy infrastructures.