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SCADA Training Courses

SCADA Training Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have become a critical component in the operation of the nation’s critical infrastructures, and they’re often overlooked when assessing information systems. Sandia is a leader in providing SCADA education and training for industry, government, and academia.

SCADA Assessment Training Course: Methodologies for assessing SCADA systems and an overview of related security and vulnerability concerns

This customizable course covers a breadth of SCADA and other digital control system use in infrastructures and industry, identifies vulnerabilities of these components and systems, and present methodologies and tools to assess these systems in a successful, measurable, reproducible manner. It is being offered to other groups on a limited basis in order to improve the security of infrastructures and systems critical to the United States. This course is offered at Sandia’s discretion to individuals with need-to-know and by invitation only.

Sandia also offers training in Security Design.

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