Cyber Labeling Research Initiative Label Entry Form

About the Label Entry Form

Labeling recommendations have not yet been finalized. Both the contents and format of each field are active areas of research and therefore subject to change.

This form is not currently being used for the production of any cybersecurity label or in association with an existing cyber labeling program. Rather, this document is intended to provide vendors and other stakeholders with a sample of data types that a cybersecurity label for smart meters and inverters may request, in order to solicit feedback on the value and limitations of this form if used as the basis for a label generator.

Any data input into this sample form will not be retained and will not be used to inform research decisions.

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Research Assumptions

  • Producing and receiving a label would be a voluntary (not regulatory) process.
  • Any information disclosed in this form may be displayed in a publicly available fact sheet associated with a label.
  • The label fact sheet would be hosted online and updated virtually by the vendor/author. Data fields may be updated at any time.
  • A small sticker would be printed and displayed on the product or product manual. This sticker would include a QR code or URL pointing to the virtually hosted fact sheet. Minimal immutable information (such as product name and model number) may be included on this printed sticker.
  • Receiving a label is not equivalent to a seal of approval for security. Rather, a label of this type promotes transparency and due diligence. Any further assumptions drawn about the security of the product based on information in the label data sheet are subject to the interpretation of the consumer.
  • Most questions in the generator form would be requested on a voluntary basis. This means that if a question is not applicable to the system, the author may enter N/A. If the author is unwilling to disclose certain information about the system, they may leave the field blank and it will show as unanswered in the data sheet output. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Do you have feedback after viewing the sample label? Share your questions and feedback by emailing