Cyber Labeling Research Initiative: Consumer Sample Labels and Form

In this mockup, we consider a label output including two primary components.

  • A consumer may see a physical sticker on a product or product manual, indicating that the vendor has provided product data for the informational privacy and security fact sheet.
  • Upon scanning the QR code or typing in the URL, a consumer could review the information provided by the vendor at two levels of detail (condensed and expanded) online.

Reviewing the Sample Labels

As you review the label mockup, please keep the following research assumptions in mind: 

  1. Producing and receiving a label is not equivalent to a seal of approval for security. Rather, a label of this type promotes transparency and due diligence. Any further assumptions drawn about the security of the product based on information in the label are subject to the interpretation of the consumer.
  2. A label would be hosted online and updated virtually by the vendor/author. Data
    fields may be updated at any time.
  3. Any printed label would have a QR code or URL pointing to the virtually hosted data sheet. Minimal immutable information (such as product name and model number) may be included on a physical label.

Sample Label Options

The sample labels below are examples of what a consumer-facing cyber labels may look like after the research initiative is complete.

Consumer Label, Option 1
Consumer Label, Option 2
Consumer Label, Option 3
Consumer Label, Option 4

Is this type of information meaningful to you? Would easy access to this information help you make more informed decisions regarding smart meters or solar inverters in your home or utility context? Do you have feedback after viewing the sample label? Share your questions and feedback by emailing


THE CONTENT CONTAINED ON THIS WEBPAGE IS PREDECISIONAL RESEARCH. Content outlined on this page is subject to change as the research develops. Input values, sample layouts, and information is for example purpose only and does not reflect the final decisions. Content on this page should not be used to inform labeling decisions in any way.  

Sample Factsheet: Condensed


Sample Factsheet: Expanded


Do you have feedback after viewing the sample label? Share your questions and feedback by emailing