Daniel James Kelly


Daniel James Kelly, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Appointee

Contact Information

Daniel James Kelly / 505-284-8197


Dan Kelly is a Postdoctoral Appointee in the Electric Power Systems Research department at Sandia National Laboratories. His primary research interests include modeling & control of inverter-based resources, and power system protection in networks with a high penetration of renewable energy. He also has five years of industry experience as a power system engineer and is a registered Professional Engineer.


  • Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota – 2022
  • M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota – 2020
  • B.S. Computer Science, University of Kentucky – 2015
  • B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Kentucky – 2013


  • D. Kelly, P. Mysore and N. Mohan, “A Novel Control Scheme for Utility-Scale Inverter-Based Resources to Emulate Synchronous Generator Fault Response and Retain Existing Protection Infrastructure,” 2021 74th Conference for Protective Relay Engineers (CPRE), College Station, TX, USA, 2021, pp. 1-7, doi: 10.1109/CPRE48231.2021.9429836.