Patent Awarded for the Fuel Cell Mobile Light

Patent Awarded for the Fuel Cell Mobile Light

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Fuel-cell-powered mobile lighting system.

On May 14, 2013, a U.S. Patent (US 8,439,534 B1) was awarded for a fuel cell mobile lighting system. The Sandia inventors, Lennie Klebanoff (8367) and Terry Johnson (8366) were among other project inventors from the broad collaboration between industry, the State of California (Caltrans), DOE, and Sandia to design, build, field test, and commercialize a fuel cell mobile lighting system to replace traditional diesel-powered systems.

The fuel-cell-powered mobile lighting system deployed at NASA’s final Space Shuttle Program launch (July 2011).

The project originated within the Boeing/Sandia CRADA, and was later funded by the DOE EERE Fuel Cell Market Transformation activity. Nearly 75% of the total project support came from the project partners, with the unit to be commercialized by Multiquip Inc. toward the end of 2013.

The partnership’s mobile lighting system deployed to the 82nd Annual Academy Awards® (March 2010).

Read the Sandia news releases: July 14, 2011; March 23, 2010; October 19, 2009.

See a brief YouTube video of the system.