UP, UP AND AWAY — The hydrogen vent mast installed near the aft of the hydrogen-powered ferry “Sea Change” funnels potentially dangerous fumes away from people on board the vessel. The vessel was built by Zero Emission Industries, founded by former Sandian Joe Pratt. (Photo courtesy California Air Resources Board)

Webinars feature maritime hydrogen research, offer deep dive into hydrogen storage and safety

July 3, 2024 8:49 am Published by

Hydrogen fuel cells are an established means of supplying efficient, clean power for a wide range of applications, including forklifts, mobile lighting, emergency backup power systems and light-duty vehicles. During a recent webinar series organized as part of the World Hydrogen Energy Conference and hosted by H2 Energy News, Sandia’s Lennie Klebanoff was invited to share a deep dive into hydrogen storage and safety and a retrospective of his work with maritime hydrogen.

Watch the webinars below:

Hydrogen Storage and Safety Deep Dive with Lennie Klebanoff

This two-hour interview covers aspects of hydrogen fuel cell technology, including hydrogen storage, end use applications, hydrogen materials science and the science of hydrogen safety.

Visit here for information about the related book edited by Klebanoff titled, “Hydrogen Storage Technology Materials and Applications.”

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Ships from Feasibility Studies to First H2 VesseIs

This one-hour webinar describes the foundational feasibility studies assessing the use of hydrogen fuel cell technology to power ships. It also gives examples of how the studies inspired and informed the construction of the first hydrogen-powered vessels now on the water.

Visit here to view the complete webinar description and presentation slides.

Live Q&A

This two-hour Q&A session answers questions from the audience related to the prior webinars. Questions and answers focus on hydrogen storage materials science, applications of hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen production. 

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