Sandia Enters Agreement to Build Zero-carbon Hydrogen Economy

February 8, 2022 8:09 am Published by

Sandia National Laboratories has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Los Alamos National Laboratory and the New Mexico Departments of Economic Development; Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources; and Environment to develop a zero-carbon hydrogen economy not only in New Mexico but across the United States.

This MOU strengthens Sandia’s ability to partner with the state and Los Alamos National Laboratory on the science, technologies, and policy impacts of zero-carbon hydrogen as it relates to climate, energy and water resources, and identifying equitable deployment strategies that benefit the workforce and New Mexicans more generally.

“Sandia has long history in hydrogen—materials interactions, hydrogen safety, emerging energy technologies and geosciences,” notes Andrew McIlroy, the associate labs director for Integrated Security Solutions at Sandia. “Our experts will work with our partners to accelerate research on the production, storage and distribution of zero-carbon hydrogen for transportation, industrial and other applications.”

As an example of Sandia’s internationally recognized expertise, our work in hydrogen-materials interactions continues to provide foundational research to develop and verify the materials needed to store and deliver gaseous hydrogen. On the production side, our researchers are exploring how advanced water splitting can be used in New Mexico to sustainably produce clean hydrogen.

Rapid innovation in clean hydrogen is also the focus of the Department of Energy’s first Energy Earthshot. The Hydrogen Shot initiative seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen production by 80% to $1 per 1 kilogram in 1 decade.

Read more about the MOU’s potential to contribute to climate security and economic growth here.

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