New GMLC Projects Aim to Make Distribution Systems More Resilient

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New GMLC Projects Aim to Make Distribution Systems More Resilient

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Sandia has been awarded $1.5M over the next three years to lead the “Designing Resilient Communities” project and support two other projects awarded under the Department of Energy’s Grid Modernization Initiative Lab Call. The Resilient Distribution Systems Lab Call seeks to develop and validate innovative approaches to enhance the resilience of distribution systems, including microgrids, with high penetration of clean distributed energy resources (DERs).

Together with electric utilities and other partners, Sandia will work to solidify a framework for community resilience planning focused on grid modernization and investment involving key stakeholders in the community. In addition, Sandia will partner with Idaho National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on the “Resilient Alaskan Distribution System Improvements using Automation, Network Automation, Network Analysis, Control, and Energy Storage (RADIANCE)” project that will use zonal approaches in microgrids to increase the resilience and resources on the grid. Sandia will also support the “Laboratory Valuation Analysis Team” that will provide efficient and consistent valuation analysis and facilitate information sharing. The Team is also comprised of PNNL, Argonne National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Sandia’s resilience research assists in the understanding and technology development of infrastructure protection and disruption mitigation, response, and recovery options. Previous work includes the Resilience Analysis Process, which was recently mentioned in the DOE Staff Report on Electricity Markets and Reliability as an example of defining, quantifying, and valuing resilience. Sandia has also led six projects and supported 23 others under the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC), including analysis and design for infrastructure resiliency in New Orleans, the establishment of the GMLC testing network, and enabling the use of DERs in Vermont.

Grid modernization presents a complex bundle of technological, institutional, and regulatory challenges which are constantly evolving. This lab call specifically builds from the work in the first lab call, the Grid Modernization Lab Call, and further supports the goals outlined in the Grid Modernization Multi-Year Program Plan (Grid MYPP).

About GMI and GMLC

The Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI) works with public and private partners to develop the concepts, tools, and technologies needed to measure, analyze, predict, protect, and control the grid of the future. The GMLC was established as a strategic partnership between DOE and the national laboratories to bring together leading experts, technologies, and resources to collaborate on the goal of modernizing the nation’s grid.

Post updated 12/13/2017 to reflect updated scope.