Mesa del Sol Unveils First Smart Grid in the Nation

Mesa del Sol Unveils First Smart Grid in the Nation

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Mesa del Sol's Aperture Center is home to the nation's first commercial-scale migrogrid, which is powered by on-site solar, fuel cells, natural gas, and back-up battery storage.

Mesa del Sol, Albuquerque’s visionary mixed-use, master planned community in the southern part of the city, once again made history when it unveiled its new Smart Grid System—the first of its kind in the nation. The Smart Grid System, in conjunction with the PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project,the nation’s first solar storage facility that is fully integrated into a utility’s power grid, is a showcase for future smart grid projects. The project objective is to innovate Smart Grid Controls to overcome the challenges presented by the intermittency associated with renewable energy sources.

The newly installed microgrid uses on-site solar, fuel cell, natural gas, and back-up battery storage to power the 78,000 square foot Aperture Center at Mesa del Sol.

Partnering with Mesa del Sol on the Smart Grid is Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), PNM, Sandia National Laboratories, The University of New Mexico and 9 Major Japanese companies including Shimizu Corporation. The system was unveiled today with VIPs and dignitaries on hand.

Read the Sandia fact sheet on our collaboration at Mesa del Sol.

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