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Testing Objectives

  1. Develop the next generation of test protocols that maximize the quality of data collected, and the fairness of testing across technologies, while minimizing the time expense of testing.
  2. Provide independent third party validation of performance and life for energy storage solutions.
  3. Provide consulting and testing services for academic, industry and government developers and manufacturers of energy storage solutions. Enable validation and development from cell level to pack level and finally system level designs through integrated activities at our facilities.
  4. Connect industry R&D to a community of experts in areas ranging from performance battery testing, to abuse testing, to modelers, to power electronics using cutting edge tools to solve problems and advance promising new technologies to a higher TRL.

Testing Availability

Availability for testing is immediate. Application is required. Please complete one of the application forms or contact the laboratory with any questions or to discuss your proposed project by phone or e-mail to

DOE-sponsored projects – Such projects are wholly funded through DOE funds or cost shared with the technology developer. Results of testing are made public to enrich the community, and alert storage supporters and users access to the growing body of testing results for energy storage technologies.

Industry – Such projects are wholly funded through industry dollars, or government contracts external to OE DOE. Results are proprietary. At the discretion of the customer such results may be made available through a public report.

Academia – The ESAL and ESTP are receptive to academic partnerships. Student projects are welcome. We are happy to discuss options for joint research. Costs include labor of Sandia staff unless funded through another source, and are accommodated when there is equipment and staff availability.