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Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) offers industry assistance to develop solutions to problems experienced through normal operations. Previous experience includes:

  • Plant operation analysis and corrective measures to increase electricity output
  • Environmental impacts from Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants and mitigating measures
  • Solar glare analysis impacting FAA installations
  • Molten salt component and system analysis
  • Optical analysis of mirror components
  • Heliostat beam quality analysis
  • High temperature/high heat flux testing on CSP components
  • Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), chemistry
  • CSP Components and Materials
  • Flux gage/Kendall Calibrations

SNL’s CSP department has experts in the fields of turbo-machinery, heat transfer, optics, chemistry, and high temperature experimentation. CSP is willing to tackle industry problems and develop solutions to make industry successful.
For additional information please contact Site Engineer: Joshua Christian.

To learn more about partnering with us, please visit our Technology Partnerships website.