DOE EERE Technologist in Residence Pilot

The EERE Technologist in Residence pilot program is intended to catalyze strong national laboratory–industry relationships that result in significant growth in high-impact collaborative R&D. This pilot program’s goals are to

  • increase collaborative R&D between national laboratories and private-sector companies and
  • develop a streamlined method for companies to establish long-term relationships with national laboratories that result in collaborative R&D.

Learn more about the Technologist in Residence pilot and solicitation in the informational webinar’s archived video, questions and answers, and PowerPoint presentation.

Companies and labs must apply to the pilot together, and are encouraged to reach out to find potential partners. The Sandia point of contact for this pilot program is Peter Atherton, Senior Manager, Industry Partnerships. The full list of national laboratory POCs is here.

Read the full notice for this pilot program on the EERE website.

Read the solicitation at EERE-Exchange.

The submission deadline is June 21, 2015.