Wind Effects on Convective Heat Loss from a Cavity Receiver for a Parabolic Concentrating Solar Collector 2018-07-30T21:56:01+00:00

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Category Energy Security, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy
report-id SAND92-7293
year 1993
author Ma, R.Y

Tests were performed to determine the convective heat loss characteristics of a
cavity receiver for a parabolic dish concentrating solar collector for various tilt
angles and wind speeds of 0-24 mph. Natural (no wind) convective heat loss
from the receiver is the highest for a horizontal receiver orientation and
negligible with the reveler facing straight down. Convection from the receiver
is substantially increased by the presence of side-on wind for all receiver tilt
angles. For head-on wind, convective heat loss with the receiver facing straight
down is approximately the same as that for side-on wind. Overall it was found
that for wind speeds of 20-24 mph, convective heat loss from the receiver can
be as much as three times that occurring without wind.