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Category Energy Security, Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK), Modeling and Analysis, Presentation, Renewable Energy, Water, Water Power
author Rich Jepsen, Erick Johnson
report-id SAND2012-4463C
year 2012

Water Power Topic Areas
-Reference Models: Develop a representative set of Reference Models (RM) for the MHK industry to develop baseline cost of energy (COE) and evaluate key cost component/system reduction pathways
-Research Tools and Testing: Analysis tools and methods to be developed, evaluated and validated. In addition, new materials and coatings will be developed, evaluated, and validated. Most importantly all these tools, formulations and test data will be accessible to industry.
– Market Acceleration: Assessment of changes to the physical (i.e. currents, waves, sediments, and water quality) & acoustic environment potentially incurred through operation of various types of MHK devices and arrays.