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Category Energy Efficiency, Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK), Modeling and Analysis, Renewable Energy, Resource Assessment, Water Power, Wave Energy
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author Porter, Aaron; Ruehl, Kelley; Chartrand, Chris; Smith, Helen
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event-name 3rd Marine Energy Technology Symposium
year 2015
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This extended abstract will provide an update on code developments since the initial release of SNL-SWAN v1.0 in Oct, 2014. It will focus on the new model features and modifications that are incorporated in SNL-SWAN v1.1 (planned to be released Fall 2015). The significant modifications for SNL-SWAN Version 1.1 include the following:
– An output file for power absorbed by each WEC obstacle
– Directional dependent WEC power extraction
– Incorporation of a frequency dependent reflection coefficient term
– An update to transmission coefficients determined by WEC power matrix
Additionally, this abstract will present an example application of using the SNL-SWAN v1.1 model to assess wave farm impacts on the nearshore environment.