Indian Energy Program

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs maximizes the development and deployment of energy solutions for the benefit of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

The program fosters government-to-government partnerships that:

  1. Promote Indian tribal energy development, efficiency, and use
  2. Reduce or stabilize energy costs
  3. Enhance and strengthen Indian tribal energy and economic infrastructure relating to natural resource development and electrification
  4. Bring electrical power and service to Indian land and the homes of tribal members.

Along with other DOE national labs, Sandia National Laboratories provides critical support to the Indian Energy Program. Sandia’s primary role is to provide technical assistance to DOE headquarters and field offices in support of Indian energy initiatives, and to conduct renewable energy resource and technology options assessments.

Sandia also manages the Indian Energy Program’s student internships.  These summer internships allow Native American college upperclassmen and graduate students to help support Indian Energy Program efforts through participation in technical projects.  Interns join a cross-disciplinary team at Sandia and interact with renewable energy staff, Native American Tribes, and the Lab’s American Indian Outreach Committee to execute the program’s activities.

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