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Filename Market-Valuation-Perspectives-for-Photovoltaic-Systems_SAND2014_16948.pdf
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Version 1
Date added October 31, 2014
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Category Balance of Systems/Soft Costs, Photovoltaic, Renewable Energy
Tags sand2014-16948
author Geoffrey T. Klise
report-id sand2014-16948

Sandia National Laboratories, working with Energy Sense Finance developed the proof-ofconcept PV Value® tool in 2011 to provide real estate appraisers a tool that can be used to
develop the market value and fair market value of a solar photovoltaic system. PV Value®
moved from a proof-of-concept spreadsheet to a commercial web-based tool developed and
operated exclusively by Energy Sense Finance in June 2014. This paper presents the results of a
survey aimed at different user categories in order to measure how the tool is being used in the marketplace as well as elicit information that can be used to improve the tool’s effectiveness.