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Category Energy Security, Large Offshore Rotor Development, Offshore Wind, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy
report-id SAND2012-7669
author Griffith, D. T., Resor, B. R., Johanns, W.

Sandia National Laboratories’ (SNL) Wind & Water Power Technologies Department, as part of its ongoing R&D efforts, creates and evaluates innovative large blade concepts for horizontal axis wind turbines to promote designs that are more efficient aerodynamically, structurally, and economically. A 100-meter all glass blade, termed “SNL100-00”, for a 13.2 MW horizontal axis wind turbine was designed at Sandia with acceptance to loads and safety factors defined by international blade design standards. This blade is significantly longer than the largest commercial blades of today (approximately 75 meters long) and its design provided an opportunity to identify and document large blade technology trends and potential future large blade technology barriers. Key concerns for large blades include blade weight growth, increased gravitational fatigue loading, reduced buckling resistance, and increased susceptibility to flutter instability.