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Category Carbon Management, Carbon Management Systems, Earth Science, Geosciences

This study assesses a coal-based power plant with carbon sequestration into a deep saline formation combined with a water treatment arrangement of water from the formation to supplement the power plant’s cooling requirements. A methodological framework was developed to down select a potential geological formation (the Morrison) near the San Juan
Generating Station in New Mexico. Additionally, the framework assesses a suite of water treatment technologies to treat the deep saline formation water to use in the generating station’s cooling systems. The framework was further developed into a dynamic simulation model to develop scenarios regarding varying levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration from the power plant, water recovery rates from the formation, and variable costs associated with the whole
system’s components. The initial findings suggest that many hundreds of years’ worth of CO2 storage resource as well as several hundred years worth of saline water supply may exist for the San Juan Generating Station to Morrison formation paired analysis. Phase II will look to address several key model parameters that may substantially alter theses initial findings such as injection rates, plume migration rates, and system economics.