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Category ECIS, Energy Security, MEPV, Photovoltaic, Reliability, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Technical Paper
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author Benjamin B. Yang, Jose L. Cruz-Campa, Gaddi S. Haase, Edward I. Cole Jr., Paiboon Tangyunyong, Paul J. Resnick, Alice C. Kilgo, Murat Okandan, Gregory N. Nielson
year 2013

Microsystems-enabled photovoltaics (MEPV) has great potential to meet increasing demands for light-weight, photovoltaic solutions with high power density and efficiency.
This paper describes current efforts to build a reliability model for MEPVs as well as the development of failure analysis techniques to localize and characterize failed or underperforming cells. Defect localization methods such as electroluminescence under forward and reverse bias, as well as optical beam induced current using wavelengths above and below the device band gap, are presented. Current results also show that MEPV has good resilience against degradation caused by reverse bias stresses.