During the TEDxABQ event, Sandia’s Vipin Gupta (in the Material, Devices, and Energy Technology Dept.) shared his team’s notable Microsystems-Enabled Photovoltaics (MEPV) Grand Challenge work before a packed house at UNM’s Popejoy hall. (View the ~10-minute video.)

Sandia's Vipin Gupta speaking at TEDxABQ_(6-Sept-14)

Outside the auditorium during the mass break sessions, Vipin showed off green LED-MEPV units powered by the New Mexico sun (not challenging at all), whipped out the group I–V curves from the Sandia MEPV prototype modules for the electrical engineers who asked about them, explained Sandia’s systematic MEPV commercialization efforts, and demonstrated the capabilities of the P2 micro-optics array explaining how microscopic heat dissipation makes it impossible to suffer 1st-, 2nd-, or 3rd-degree burns when concentrating sunlight in this way.

Vipin also “listened intently to what audience members had to say and learned more than a few things that are difficult to appreciate when you’re engrossed in technology development.”