Toyota officials visit Sandia

Senior Toyota officials visited Sandia/California Jan. 13 to explore collaborative opportunities in engine, hydrogen, and automobile battery technology. The day’s agenda began with an overview of Sandia’s transportation research, including work on improving fuel economy and alternative automobile power sources. Tours of the engine and hydrogen labs rounded out the visit. The visit reinforced a positive relationship with Toyota, with which Sandia has had a strategic partnership project on the impact of exhaust gas recirculation on engine knock for the past two years.

Left to right: Sandian Christopher Moen; Tom Shieh, Toyota executive engineer; Toshiharu Noguchi, Toyota adviser; Carl “Magnus” Sjoberg; Koichi Nakata (red tie),Toyota project general manager; Masanori Sugiyama, Toyota executive general manager; Paul Miles; Wataru Ozawa, Toyota senior vice president; Ben Wu; Takumi Jinmon, Toyota manager; Hironobu Kogiso, Toyota adviser; Jonathan Zimmerman; Leigh Anna Steele. Photo by Dino Vournas