CREWfeatureThe CREW Database, operated and managed by Sandia, published the third annual wind plant reliability benchmark report to the wind industry. CREW is an DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)-funded national reliability database that enables wind-plant operation analysis to benchmark the current installed wind fleet’s reliability performance.

This public benchmark represents analysis of U.S. wind fleet performance based on aggregated fleet reliability data and includes operational statistics, availability time accounting, and top contributors to system and component unavailability. The 2013 technical report provides detailed information regarding the data collection and analysis process used to produce the report.

The CREW database uses both high-resolution supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data from operating plants and Strategic Power Systems’ ORAPWind® (Operational Reliability Analysis Program for Wind) data, which consist of downtime and reserve event records and daily summaries of various time categories for each turbine. Together, these data are used as inputs into CREW’s reliability modeling.

CREW_fleet_metricsSandia acknowledges the guidance provided by DOE Wind Program Office and the contributions of both Strategic Power Systems and the wind plant owner/operators who participated in the development of the CREW database as pilot part­ners:

  • EDF Renewable Energy,
  • Shell Wind Energy Inc.,
  • Xcel Energy, and
  • Wind Capital Group.

Go to the CREW Database webpage to download the “CREW 2013 Wind Plant Reliability Benchmark.”

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