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Solar Thermochemical Hydrogen Production

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SNL maintains the equipment, experts, and partnerships required to develop technology for solar thermochemical (STCH) hydrogen production and thermal storage.  The DOE, through investments made by the FCTO, LDRD, and other programs, has unique capabilities that are used to understand the chemical and physical transformations occurring in materials used to convert solar energy into hydrogen […]

Quantitative Risk Assessment

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Sandia’s Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) team develops methodologies to identify hazards, understand risk drivers, and develop strategies to reduce risk in hydrogen infrastructure. The models, data, methods, and tools developed by Sandia facilitate the use of science and engineering to support the development of codes and standards that ensure the safe use of hydrogen.  The […]

Hydrogen Infrastructure

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H2FIRST NREL and SNL coordinate R&D capabilities and partnerships that are required to remove technical barriers associated with the widespread deployment of hydrogen infrastructure.  H2FIRST leverages existing DOE investments in NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), and the SNL Center for Infrastructure Research and Innovation (CIRI).  This unique capability does not exist elsewhere in the […]

Hydrogen Behavior

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Turbulent Combustion Laboratory The Turbulent Combustion Laboratory (TCL) provides a well-controlled, lab-scale environment for testing hydrogen release characteristics.  Outfitted with several lasers, the TCL is uniquely suited to make high-fidelity, non-intrusive measurements of hydrogen release and combustion phenomena.  The optical diagnostics employed in this laboratory include line-imaged Raman scattering, Raleigh Scattering, laser-induced fluorescence, particle imaging […]

Contacts & Bios

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For information on any content or questions on how to partner with Sandia, please contact: Daniel Dedrick Manager, Hydrogen and Combustion Technologies Phone: 925-294-1552 Email:   Ed Noma Partnerships and Business Development Phone: 925-294-6848 Email: Staff Bios Daniel Dedrick: Manager, Hydrogen & Combustion Technologies Anthe George: Chemical Engineering Katrina M. Groth: Senior Member of Technical […]

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