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Energy Surety

Sandia Report Offers Reliable Way to Evaluate Unintentional Islanding Risk

A recently released Sandia National Laboratories report, “Suggested Guidelines for Assessment of DG Unintentional Islanding Risk,” outlines a procedure to help utility distribution engineers determine the risk of unintentional islanding in distributed energy generation installations. By providing a quick and reliable way to identify situations in which such risk is negligible, Sandia’s approach can help […]

Sandia and the U.S. Army Collaborate on Operational Energy at Fort Devens

Daniel Borneo and Ben Schenkman (both in Sandia’s Energy Surety Engineering and Analysis Dept.) are working on microgrids with Ft. Devens’ Base Camp Integration Laboratory (BCIL). They have been involved in successfully testing an application that can also be used for the civilian power grid. This demonstration and deployment work is consistent with the energy […]

Building a Microgrid

By Copyright © 2011 Albuquerque Journal Michael Hartranft Journal Staff Writer Japanese firms partner with labs, PNM, Mesa del Sol on project A collaborative U.S.-Japanese project that will use the Aperture Center at Mesa del Sol as the centerpiece for a smart grid technology demonstration is on track to go on line by mid 2012. […]

Mission Assurance

On May 19, 2011, in

Using a Risk Based Approach for Mission Assurance Sandia Laboratories utilizes a risk-based approach focused on Mission Assurance. Mission Assurance involves analysis of mission critical functions, locations and interdependencies and determines risk-based vulnerabilities in order to provide design optimization that provides the DoD with the most “bang for the buck”. In this way, Sandia’s energy […]

Installation Energy Security

On May 19, 2011, in

Installation Energy Security Sandia National Laboratories, through their Physical Security methodology, has supported the Department of Defense (DoD) in protecting their high value assets for over fifty years. Within the last decade, Sandia Labs has leveraged our vast knowledge of physical security to include energy security on military installations. Using internal research and development funding, […]

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