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Battery Testing

Batteries & Energy Storage

On August 3, 2012, in

Energy Storage Stationary Transportation Defense Mission (S&T) Facilities Publications Multimedia Gallery Energy Storage News Energy Storage Sandia works to reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels both by integrating renewable energy generation into the electricity transmission/distribution grid and enabling widespread electrification of the nation’s transportation fleet by improving energy storage performance, economics, and safety. Sandia’s […]

Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab)

On December 13, 2010, in

The Battery Abuse Testing Laboratory (BATLab) at Sandia is an internationally recognized leader in energy storage system safety research. The BATLab is committed to serving the energy storage community and the national interest with cutting-edge research programs, the highest quality testing results, and leadership in battery safety and reliability. For more than 13 years, the […]



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