The Sterling Municipal Light Department project has been named as a 2017 Grid Edge Award winner by Greentech Media. The award represents the top twenty companies or projects that showcase innovative products, introduce new business models to the electric sector, or otherwise present alternative ways of managing the electric grid that are more efficient and reliable. For this project, Sandia contributed to the analysis, request for proposal, and deployment of a 2 MW, 3.9MWh GSS® grid energy storage system. The system is the largest system of its kind installed in New England and the first utility scale project in Massachusetts. Using solar energy, the system can provide up to 12 days of clean backup power to nearby police stations and emergency dispatch centers in case of a grid outage. The system also reduces ratepayer costs while flattening the regional demand curve. The award will be presented at the Grid Edge World Forum in June.

The project was supported by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, with additional financial and technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Electricity under the direction of Dr. Imre Gyuk, Sandia National Laboratories, and Clean Energy States Alliance. Technical support was also provided by Clean Energy Group through a grant from the Barr Foundation. Battery installation and commissioning was provided by NEC Energy Solutions.