SSLS EFRC Scientist, Andy Armstrong, recipient of Sandia's 2013 Employee Recognition Award

SSLS EFRC Scientist, Andy Armstrong, recipient of Sandia’s 2013 Employee Recognition Award

Congratulations to SSLS EFRC Sr. Investigator Andy Armstrong, who was honored with Sandia’s 2013 Employee Recognition Award. Andy was awarded in recognition of his development and application of novel defect characterization for III-Nitride materials.

Sandia’s prestigious Employee Recognition Awards (ERA) are presented to individual employees and teams nominated by their peers and chosen by a Laboratory selection committee for their accomplishments during the past year.

The ERA winners are honored for their exceptional contributions to Sandia mission success to underscore the importance placed on individual and team contributions. ERA winners are recognized for their exceptional service, leadership, technical accomplishments, or teamwork.

Congratulations to Andy!