Sandia Labs completed a number of enhancements to its Distributed Energy Technologies Laboratory (DETL) facility in 2015. Many of the updates extend cyber-security capabilities at DETL, such as Sandia’s ability to configure isolated networks for intrusion detection experiments. The communications-enabled control overlay allows for comprehensive evaluation of cyber vulnerabilities of distributed energy devices (DER) and controllers connected to the internet, fully leveraging Sandia’s cybersecurity, controls, and high performance computing expertise. One application of this infrastructure is to demonstrate the effect of cyber attacks and communication delays on large interconnected power networks using a combination of hardware and simulation (hardware-in-the-loop) for both power and communications networks. The EmulyticsTM platform (i.e., SCEPTRE, MiniMega, and Firewheel) enables high-fidelity emulation of communication networks of arbitrary size and complexity. This new platform extends cyber-security capabilities for Sandia by facilitating integration with physical DERs at DETL.