In response to increased interest in wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductor projects by DOE, on October 30, 2012, Sandia hosted a one-day brain­storming workshop aimed at identifying the value, scope, structure, and partnership oppor­tunities of a potential National Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconduc­tors.

Participants from DOE, industry, academia, and other labs participated in a series of breakout sessions, the re­sults of which will inform next steps in WBG research. Significant input was gathered on our four question areas

  1. the value proposition for a national center,
  2. the technical scope,
  3. potential partners and participants, and
  4. possible operating and business models.

Workshop participants’ single strongest statement was the need for a national WBG technol­ogy roadmap. We are currently exploring plans for just such a road-mapping activity. Because WBGs involve multiple technologies and multiple applications, a technology roadmap will likely be complex and challenging.