Sandia will host PV Bankability workshop at Solar Power International (SPI) 2013.  On October 21, Sandia’s Joshua Stein, Melissa Sisneros, and Bruce King (6112) will host a workshop on demonstrating strategies for defining the bankability of new PV products, “Driving the Commercialization of New Solar Technologies: What You Can Learn with the U.S. DOE Regional Test Centers toward Demonstrating Bankability,” at SPI2013 at the McCormick Place conference center in Chicago, Illinois. This workshop will describe the standardized processes being developed by the DOE Regional Test Centers (RTCs) for data collection and performance analysis—processes necessary to validate a product’s bankability. Attendees will hear (a) from current industry partners about how they are benefiting from their use of these RTCs and (b) perspectives from industry leaders on what is required to demonstrate the bankability of new PV technology. Learn more about the workshop and how to register.