Sandia has released the second edition of the Wave Energy Converter Test Site Catalogue characterizing wave energy resources to facilitate device deployments and testing. The catalogue presents metocean data at eight U.S. wave energy converter (WEC) test sites. The catalogue will enable WEC developers to compare wave resource characteristics between sites and select the best test sites for their device, testing needs, and objectives.

This catalogue includes critical wave statistics for determining the magnitude and quality of power resources at wave sites and environmental loads required for WEC design. Site information includes wave energy resource parameters recommended by the IEC Technical Specification on Wave Energy Characterization (IEC TS 62600-101 Ed. 1.0), as well as environmental contours that characterize extreme sea states, weather windows to facilitate operation and maintenance, and information on test site infrastructure and services. Both editions of the catalogue thoroughly document all methodologies used for wave resource characterization. The catalogue can be downloaded on the Water Power OpenEI site.