Matthew Reno presented a new method to streamline the interconnection study process by simplifying the complex system to an equivalent representation of the feeder with fewer buses while maintaining feeder topology as well as the accuracy of key buses of interest. He demonstrated the method with distributed rooftop PV on a 1262-bus feeder with two buses of interest that is reduced to a 13-bus circuit.

A number of Sandia researchers presented papers at the 39th PVSC in Tampa, Florida, during the week of June 16–21. Jennifer Granata (Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.), as the Tutorials Chair, organized 10 tutorials on Sunday, including one run by Geoff Klise (Earth Systems analysis Dept.). Joshua Stein (Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.), the Area 9 Chair for the conference, also organized and presented at an International Energy Agency’s PV Power Systems Task 13 Workshop: “Lessons Learned from the Analytical Monitoring and Model­ing of PV Systems” held in conjunction with PVSC .

Many other oral and poster presentations were made by Sandians on a wide range of topics. Included in these were several finalists for best poster in their session:

  • Bruce King, Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.;
  • Dan Riley, Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.;
  • Jay Johnson, Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.;
  • Greg Nielson, MEMS Technologies Dept.;
  • Jose Luis Cruz‐Campa, MEMS Technologies 
Dept.; and
  • Anna Tauke‐Pedretti, RF/Optoelectronics Dept.

Matthew Reno.

Special congratulations to student intern, Matthew Reno ( Photovoltaic and Distributed Systems Dept.), who won best poster in his session. These papers will be made available in the publications section of Sandia’s PV website over the next several weeks.