Hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Sandia National Laboratories, this 3-day event in Santa Clara, CA, drew over 200 participants to learn about and discuss relevant issues surrounding PV performance, reliability, and grid integration. The first day was devoted to the 5th PV Performance Modeling Workshop, covering several topics including solar resource characterization, model improvements, modeling tool updates, and monitoring applications.  Two parallel events ran on Day 2: the PV Grid Integration Workshop considered how best to manage increasing numbers of PV systems on the distribution grid, while a side meeting was held for users of the PVLIB modeling libraries.  The PV Lifecycle Workshop was held on Day 3.  All events were well attended by a diverse group of participants, including several who traveled from Asia and Europe to attend. The conversation continues at the PV Performance Modeling Collaborative site. Sandia and EPRI intend to host another symposium next year.