Sandia Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) Formally Opens

Sandia Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) Formally Opens

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Posed on open-house day are, from left, Acting VP of Science and Technology Duane Dimos, UNM research VP John McGraw, Executive VP Kim Sawyer, NNSA official Dimitri Kusnezov, Cray President Peter Ungaro, Sandia Computing Research Director Rob Leland, U.S. Senator Tom Udall, Sandia President Paul Hommert, Bernallilo county commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, and U.S. Representative Ben Ray Lujan.

Activities at CERL, located in the Sandia Science & Technology Park, are expected to marry computing expertise from across Sandia with that of universities and businesses to develop long-term solutions against the increasingly serious challenges posed by hackers and cybercriminals to individuals, business, and government.

“(Cybercrime) can’t be tackled alone,” Sandia President and Labs Director Paul Hommert said. “The public and private worlds must combine efforts to work as a team.” He mentioned Sandia’s Center for Cyberdefenders student internship program, which has honed the skills of more than 300 students in the past decade in an effort to develop the next generation of cyber workers.

Sandia has had a head start in computer security, said Ben Cook (1460), a member of the CERL leadership group,  because it was safeguarding nuclear weapons secrets at the dawn of the computer age, long before the term “cyberspace” was in common usage.

Rob Leland (1400), director of Sandia’s Computing Research center, concluded the talks by speculating that, just as the development of the laminar flow clean room ushered in a revolution in microelectronics, “there’s the potential for us to do something similar in the cyberworld and that CERL will play a key role in bringing that about.”

Read the  Sandia news release.