The 6th PV Performance and Monitoring Workshop, October 24-25, 2016, hosted by Fraunhofer ISE, the IEA PVPS Task 13, and Sandia Labs, will include presentations in the following main topic areas:

  • Solar Resource Data and Uncertainty
  • Forecasting for PV Grid Integration
  • PV Modeling Applications: Modeling Tool Updates & Moderated Panel Discussion
  • Soiling and Effects on Performance
  • PV Performance Modeling and STC: Spectrum, Angle-of-Incidence and Module Temperature Prediction Accuracy on PV Performance
  • Advanced Modeling: Ray-tracing to Address Bifacial PV Arrays and Shade
  • Field Monitoring and Model Validation

Technical tours will be offered at Fraunhofer ISE and at a PV installation nearby Freiburg. This workshop brings together solar PV professionals and researchers to learn about and discuss new and important technical issues related to PV performance modeling. This stimulating, interactive workshop will provide valuable information for modelers, model developers, and other users of PV performance model results. Please visit the conference website for more information. Abstracts are due by July 8, 2016. The early-bird registration rate is available until August 12, 2016. Sandia Labs facilitates a collaborative group of photovoltaic (PV) professionals (PV Performance Modeling Collaborative or PVPMC) that is interested in improving the accuracy and technical rigor of PV performance models and analyses.