Daniel Borneo and Ben Schenkman (both in Sandia’s Energy Surety Engineering and Analysis Dept.) are working on microgrids with Ft. Devens’ Base Camp Integration Laboratory (BCIL). They have been involved in successfully testing an application that can also be used for the civilian power grid. This demonstration and deployment work is consistent with the energy surety concept and attention to critical infrastructure.

“These are not staying as just ideas on a shelf,” said Sharon Burke, assistant secretary of Defense for Operational Energy. “They’re making it into the hands of soldiers today. This is win-win for the Army and the soldiers.” At a recent event, visitors were briefed about the Army’s Smart and Green Energy (SAGE) for base camps initiative, which uses commercial off-the-shelf technologies and is being tested at the BCIL, which opened in June 2011.

SAGE, managed by the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency, is exploring whether energy savings from 30% to 60% are possible at base camps for 600 to 3,000 soldiers. The Sandia team will evaluate the status of the electrical energy storage equipment and function (in light of the Hurricane Sandy after effects).

A webinar took place during the first half of November with the Clean Energy States Alliance that featured this work. Read the article at the Army’s website.